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  • Release date: 2016-09-20
    page views: 24494 times

    Italian Media Report JV Internat...

    JV International, Jihua Group’s holding company in Italy, concentrates upon developing tec...

    Author: Zou Zeyuan、Du Xin
  • Release date: 2016-09-10
    page views: 21801 times

    Li Xuecheng Meets Representative...

    On September 7, a team of 8 people including President of WOCO Group (Germany) Franz Josef...

    Author: Sun Jun、Du Xin
  • Release date: 2016-08-12
    page views: 19499 times

    Italian Media Report Jihua Group...

    The 10th Conference of China Goes Global, which was hosted by Chinese Globalization Associ...

    Author: JIHUA GROUP
  • Release date: 2016-08-01
    page views: 121961 times

    Li Xuecheng Attends 10th China G...

    The 10th China Goes Global Conference was held in Macerata, Italy between July 26 to 28, a...

    Author: Author: Guo Yiheng Translator: Du Xin
  • Release date: 2016-06-12
    page views: 124736 times

    The Sports & Entertainment Hub i...

    Located in Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing Jihua Park covers 943.7 mu of land (550 mu for t...

    Author: Liu Haiyan
  • Release date: 2016-06-02
    page views: 28926 times

    Li Xuecheng Investigates Jihua 3...

    On May 30th, President of Jihua Group Li Xuecheng investigated Jihua 3542 Company, and met...

    Author: JIHUA GROUP
  • Release date: 2016-05-30
    page views: 1078901 times

    Dai Hegen Investigates Jihua Sub...

    On May 25 and 26,, 2016, Dai Hegen, the secretary of the party committee and vice chairman...

    Author: JIHUA GROUP
  • Release date: 2016-05-20
    page views: 30897 times

    International Technical Training

    Jihua Group sent technicians to Italy, in order to learn the advanced technology and exper...

    Author: Yang Jing, Zou Zeyuan
  • Release date: 2016-05-12
    page views: 24333 times

    Dai Hegen and Yang Bin Investiga...

    On May 10, 2016, Dai Hegen, the Party Secretary and Vice President of Xinxing Cathay Inter...

    Author: Liu Haiyan
  • Release date: 2016-04-11
    page views: 23160 times

    Han Wenhu Guides Jihua 3504 Comp...

    On April 6th, Han Wenhu, the General Manager of Jihua Group, Yang Chaoxiang, Deputy Genera...

    Author: Jihua 3504 Gao Fei
  • Release date: 2016-03-15
    page views: 22291 times

    Yang Zongbin Visited the NPC Mem...

    On the 15th of March 2016, Yang Zongbin, Deputy Party Secretary of Jihua came to Beijing I...

    Author: Zhao Xiaogui
  • Release date: 2016-03-08
    page views: 25831 times

    Mr Liu Mingzhong Attended an Int...

    In 7thMarch night, Mr. Liu Mingzhong, The NPC member, the Party Secretatry & President of ...

    Author: WU Junmao (XInxing Cathay International Group)
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