'3502', a brand of occupational apparels, China Famous Trade Mark, Well-Known Trademark of Hebei, and a benchmark for occupational apparels, has a history of 80 years and carries forward fine traditions for further development and innovation. This long-honored garment brand offers services beyond expectations to customers.


Qiangren (3515)
Qiangren, a shoe's brand, which obtained China Famous Trade Mark and ISO9001 International Quality Certificate, is one of the earliest brands in leather shoe industry.The brand has gained many certificates and awards, including gold award for National Quality Products, Military Famous Brand, Certificate for Product Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection, etc.


Fulong (3542)
Fulong, a brand of high-end home textile and garment materials, China Famous Trade Mark, Well-Known Trademark of Hubei, has granted ISO9001 International Quality Certificate. Both Fulong combed yarn and high-count and high-density cotton fabrics are awarded China Top Brand.


'3539', a shoe's brand which is China Famous Trade Mark and Well-Known Trademark of Chongqing as well, has a history of one century, and makes every effort to build a premium brand for “military, outdoors, labor insurance, and leisure life”.


3537, a shoe brand, China Famous Trade Mark, Military Quality Products, products recommended by CCA(China Consumers’ Association), focuses on people-oriented concept and rejuvenating the company through science.


3517, a cloth rubber shoe, China Famous Trade Mark, stands for military quality and has produced the first pair of liberation rubber shoes and initial exported shoes in new China. The brand has granted ISO9001 International Quality Certificate and ISO14001 Environment Approval Cfertificate.


3523, a brand of military supplies and special vehicles, China Famous Trade Mark, old military brand, aims to advance targets of expanding the business of military supplies, making products precisely and superiorly, reinforcing innovation capability, and optimizing specialized technics.


 Lingshi (3504)
Lingshi, a brand of suits and high-end business jackets, well-known trademark of Jilin, is awarded Jilin Famous Brand in 2007 and 2010. It pursues spirits of high quality and life aesthetics.



Shenxingtaibao (3514)
Shenxingtaibao, a brand of leather shoes, well-known trademark of Hebei, and Hebei Customers Satisfaction Product.


Cruiser (3513)
Cruiser, a brand of leather shoes and boots, well-known trademark of Shannxi, National Customers Satisfaction Products, Military Famous Brand, represents the high quality of military supplies, founded in 1938.


Jiulianhuan (3509)
Jiulianhuan, a brand of home textile farbrics, well-known trademark of Hubei. Its 4 kinds of products, such as high-count and high-density functional farbrics and functional yarns, are awarded Hubei Famous Brand. Bamboo fabrics has the largest market share in the domestic market.


3534, a brand of apparels, well-known trademark of Shanxi, a leading brand in the PLA and armed police apparel and occupational apparel, has granted ISO9001:2000 International Quality Certificate and ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System Certificate.


 Kaihuang (3512)
Kaihuang, a brand of leather clothes, Gansu Famous Brand, is renowned for high-end quality and elegance. Its products are sold in more than 10 countries such as Japan, Spain and Russia. Its products reflect natural source and fashionable taste. 



 Youyuan (5302)
Youyuan, a brand of shoes and apparel, well-known trademark of Jiangsu, and well-known trademark of Nanjing City.



Qiwu (7555)
Qiwu, a brand of garment textile, well-known trademark of Xinjiang, has granted ISO9001Quality Management System Certificate, ISO14001 Environment Management System Certificate, and OHSASI8001 Occupation Health Safety Management System Certificate.


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