Jihua produces over 60 million suits of occupational apparel yearly, and acts as the core supplier of military police apparel and uniform occupational apparel in 14 sectors in China. Jihua has a proportion of around 70% of the PLA and armed police apparel market, among which the company supplies more than 80% of the PLA 07-style uniforms, all uniforms for Chinese military honor guard, military band, art ensemble, the PLA’s Hong Kong garrison and Macao garrison, and uniforms for each military parade since 1949. In the market of occupational apparel, the company actively does researches, sets standards, and changes to new uniforms for such sectors as industry and commerce administration, taxation administration, police and judiciary organs etc. Relying on high quality products and services, it has over 20% market share of occupational apparel business. The company has gained high reputation from China Railways Corporation uniform market, civil administration of disaster reduction and relief market, purchasing customers, end users, and even other enterprises in the same industry. In the overalls market, the company continues to exploit the market and develop clients from central government-owned enterprises and business groups. For example, it has successfully fulfilled the task of changing uniforms for CHEMCHINA; it has participated in researching and undertaking the tasks of changing uniforms for China Mobile Communications Corporation, China Unicom, China Telecom, and State Grid Corporation of China; it has provided many enterprises such as China Shenhua Group with multi-functional protective apparel to be used in a variety of complex operating environment. 

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