Jihua Group Co., Ltd. was established on June 26th, 2009 by approval of the State Council and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC); and was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 16th,(stock abbreviation:Jihua Group; Stock Code:601718).  Jihua Group,with a capital scale over 10 billion RMB, owns 33 wholly-owned secondary subsidiaries and 29 tertiary subsidiaries distributed in Europe, 21 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions, and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Jihua group is one of the largest enterprises of light industry on military supplies in China, and itis production support-base of clothing and equipment for Chinese army and armed police force. Jihua group is also a major manufacturer and supplier of 14 uniformed sectors and industries as well as other units of career apparel, and it is one of many international sellers for military supplies and base of processing in the world. Jihua group is mainly engaged in development, production and sales of military supplies in light industry. Jihuahas aproduction capacity on annual output of 60 million sets of career apparels, 150 million pairs of various kinds offootwear, more than 1,000 million pairs of various special features of footwear, 120 million meters of fabric, and 160 million meters of printing color cloth. Sales revenue and profit maintain double-digit growth for three consecutive years, and market valueis over 50 billion. It has been named the top 500 competitive enterprises of textile and garment industry,the top10competitive enterprises of garment industry in China, andthe top 500 Asian brands.

With the structureadjustment of product and industry, Jihua has already owned five manufacturing business segments, so as career apparel, textile, leather shoes, occupational footwear, protective equipment, and etc. It is simultaneously owned the entire industrial chain from production and procurement of raw materials to manufacturing and sales. Meanwhile, Jihuadepended on the advantage of production and sales by nationwide subsidiary corporations, and actively developed the tertiary industry. Through industrial structure adjustment, Jihua explored its own brand "JH 1912", as the core of high-end retail chain business.It carried out construction of Jihua park project as one-stop of "outlets shopping mall, sports and leisure facilities, entertainment centers, commercial buildings and service facilities".Jihua group has vigorously leading to build industry trend of modern integrated business service format.

In 2014, Jihua achieved 22.241 billion Yuan of operation revenue, 2.034 billion Yuan of gross profit, and 1.173 billion Yuan of net profit that attributed to shareholders.

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