Li Xuecheng Attends 10th China Goes Global Conference

The 10th China Goes Global Conference was held in Macerata, Italy between July 26 to 28, and Li Xuecheng, President of Jihua Group, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech at the forum. The conference was hosted by Chinese Globalization Association (CGA) and organized by University of Macerata. Numbers of world-renowned scholars and business representatives, such as Filippo Mignini from University of Macerata, Peter Buckley from University of Leeds, Vice President of Fosun Group Qian Jiannong, Managing Partner of P&C Fund&Chairman of Fargo Fortune Capital Group Wang Shiyu, jointly attended the conference.
Founded in 2006, Chinese Globalization Association is a non-profit organization with the goal of helping and promoting the development of China’s globalization. CGA commits itself to encourage and assist Chinese governments and Chinese enterprises in globalization in political, economic, business and other academic realms.
The theme of this conference was globalization of Chinese enterprises. President Li stated that the current global economic structure not only offered Chinese enterprises great opportunities of entering into international markets, but also made them realize that Chinese enterprises could survive and develop merely through pushing themselves to actively participate in globalization.
In recent years, along with the path of “go-out, go-into, go-up”international development strategy, Jihua Group has already set up three Newcos in Italy, namely JV International,NT Majocchi and JH Conceria del Chienti Spa. JV International is a company for production of shoe soles, which is now cooperated with the worldwide rubber magnateMichelin to jointly research and develop high-performance Michelin soles, and becomes a supplier for many international shoe brands. NT Majocchi is a company with all-round capabilities in terms of design, development and dyeing of special-functions fabric, finishing technology and market channels. JH CTC, a leather factory with a history of more than 90 years, owns advanced leather processing technology and experienced technical team, to continuously provide global high-end luxury brands with leather products.
These three companies have achieved positive effects in various work and business performance through strengthening R&D inputs and improving internal management,which has brought about an effective integration between three companies and Jihua, and initially achieved Jihua Group’s the anticipated target of Jihua’s international operation in Italy. 

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