The Sports & Entertainment Hub in Chongqing Jihua Park Will Start Trial Operation Recently

       Located in Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing Jihua Park covers 943.7 mu of land (550 mu for the first phase planning), which is designed as a mix of modern services to offer consumers opportunities of having tourism & leisure activities, popular sports, typical hospitality facilities, global cuisines, business conference centre, etc. It’s both city-based and a certain distance away from the city. Chongqing Jihua Park is positioned to be a unique experience paradise in China and even all over the worldwith surrounding beautiful landscape, Chinese classic and modern elements, to provide customers with a brand-new lifestyle and premier experience and interaction.

       On the Chongqing Jihua Park site, up to now, the construction of shopping hub has been completed and the construction of global food court is close to completion. Meanwhile, three major projects in the sports & entertainment hub havebeen completed 90% of the construction work. This Asia first extreme sports centre highlighted with indoor surfing, skydiving and climbing, will be open to the world very soon.

Project Ⅰ: Surfing
       The project indoor surfing is a world leading multipurpose pool built by Wave Loch in USA, which will readily have abilities to provide activities for individual sports, fashion surfing music party, enterprise development training, and sports event. No matter beginners or professionalsurfing athleteswill definitely have lots of fun from beach, sunshine and surfing.
Project Ⅱ: Skydiving
        Chongqing Jihua Park has cooperated withSky Venture, a world’s leading company in the field of vertical wind tunnel simulator technology to build tunnel facilities for indoor skydiving. The technology is originated from military aviation technology (simulation system of airflow changes and aircraft performance test). The vertical tunnel for entertainment purpose is a combination of industrial and military use of wind tunnel, to simulate skydiving and flight activities.
        People can experience great pleasure from skydiving without fly high by airplane, a parachute or even professional training and techniques.
Project Ⅲ: Climbing
        The climbing gym is applied withsuperior climbing systemmade byBulgarian company Walltopia. The gym has an area of 2,110 square meters, as Asia’s largest indoor climbing gym, consisting of four parts:  climbing for adults(788m2), fun walls for kids(341m2), ropes course(736m2), and artificial cave exploration(245m2).

         Fun walls for kids have 28 choices, such as Jump in the Air, Skyscraper Walk, Chimney, Parabolic Slide, Speed Competition, Smiley Faces, Firemen’s Wall, The Labyrinth, The Castle, Tetris, Spider’s Web, etc.
        Chongqing Jihua Park project is the first step of Jihua Group’s national strategic layout, and projects in Changchun, Qingyuan, Xianning, and Xi’an are being actively developing.Recently, Jihua Group and Waitex Group (in USA) have signed Strategic Partnership Agreement in New York. Waitex Group has achieved more than 25 years successful experiences in the fields of luxuries retailing, real estate development and operation in China. Bilateral parties will establish strategic cooperation in Jihua Park and other areas.

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