Yang Zongbin Visited the NPC Member Tang Lingling

      On the 15th of March 2016, Yang Zongbin, Deputy Party Secretary of Jihua came to Beijing International Hotel to visit the NPC member Tang Lingling, who is the employee of Jihua 3542 Company.
      Mr. Yang, on behalf of the Party leadership of Jihua, visited Tang Lingling, asked about the conference and extended thanks for her outstanding contribution to the company. Mr. Yang gave a brief introduction to the state of development of Jihua this year and hoped Ms. Tang could actively offer advice and suggestions and convey the spirit of the conference. Ms. Tang expressed thanks to Jihua for the concern and care. She would cherish the opportunities of attending the conference and exchanging views with other NPC members, and work harder to make a great contribution to the company and China.
      On the afternoon of March 10, Tang Lingling appeared on the “two sessions”interview of Workercn.cn. She talked that delaying retirement needed to consider the differences in special industries like textile industry. For example, textile companies had large numbers of female workers and their workers were in the high-temperature working conditions and under high-physical stress, so that the government should take such specific factors into consideration. When it came to how to push forward reform and innovation, she put forward three proposals: firstly, companies should introduce advanced technology to improve the quality of products and manufacture middle and high-end products; secondly, companies should upgrade products and make a brand strategy to boost profits; thirdly, they should strengthen design and innovation capabilities to further meet customers‘ individual needs.  

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