Jihua Group Was Nominated Asia’s Top 500 Brands

      According to the World Brand Laboratory latest assessment, Jihua Group Corporation Limited is officially nominated 2015 "Asia Brand Top 500" list, ranked No. 445.
      Jointly prepared and published by the World Brand Lab and the World Executive Group, 2015 "Asia's Top 500 Brands" list was announced on September 21 in Hong Kong , which is the tenth World Brand Lab evaluation on brand's influence in Asia. "Asia's Top 500 Brands" criterion is the influence of Asia brands, mainly to assess the ability to exploit market and to obtain profits. China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) enrolled a total of 204 brands, accounting for 40.80% of the whole of Asia's top 500 brands, in the first place, and mainland China enrolled 123 brands in the list.
      With the expansion of the international operation field, Jihua Group's main products and business are gradually recognized by international market. The nomination of "Asia Brand Top 500" shows that Jihua Group, as China's largest production and supporting base of military supplies, production and development base of occupational apparel and professional footwear, has a strong brand awareness and reputation within Asia area. In the future, Jihua Group will continue to expand in the B2C market influence through building "JH1912" fashion brand, and to improve Jihua brand value and influence through building a new tourism retailing “Jihua Park”.

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