Jihua produces over 60 million suits of occupational apparel yearly, and acts as the core supplier of military police apparel and uniform occupational apparel in 14 sectors in China. Jihua has a proportion of around 70% of the PLA and armed police apparel market, among which the company supplies more than 80% of the PLA 07-style uniforms, all uniforms for Chinese military honor guard, military band, art ensemble, the PLA’s Hong Kong garrison and Macao garrison, and uniforms for each military parade since 1949. In the market of occupational apparel, the company actively does researches, sets standards, and changes to new uniforms for such sectors as industry and commerce administration, taxation administration, police and judiciary organs etc. Relying on high quality products and services, it has over 20% market share of occupational apparel business. The company has gained high reputation from China Railways Corporation uniform market, civil administration of disaster reduction and relief market, purchasing customers, end users, and even other enterprises in the same industry. In the overalls market, the company continues to exploit the market and develop clients from central government-owned enterprises and business groups. For example, it has successfully fulfilled the task of changing uniforms for CHEMCHINA; it has participated in researching and undertaking the tasks of changing uniforms for China Mobile Communications Corporation, China Unicom, China Telecom, and State Grid Corporation of China; it has provided many enterprises such as China Shenhua Group with multi-functional protective apparel to be used in a variety of complex operating environment. 


The enterprise has seven subsidiaries in footwear sector, and owns 26 advanced shoe production lines, and 74 occupational footwear production lines,which have annual output of 8 million pairs of shoes and 150 million pairs of various types footwear. It accounts for 1/3 market share of occupational footwear industry. The main products of the enterprise are military footwear, ordinary working footwear, protective footwear, and fashion footwear. Enterprise imports rubber / double density rubber for connecting-upper injection molding machine, rubber / PU double density rubber for connecting-upper injection molding machine, intelligent production lines, and other technical equipment from Germany and Italy, which achieved world-class level. The enterprise is also leading the technology craft of footwear products molding process. Anti-puncture tech, high temperature resistance tech, anti-static tech, and oil and water repellent tech are in the first-class level of China. Our enterprise is involved in aerospace projects, and responsible for astronauts’ shoes manufacturing. Since "Shenzhou V" to “Shenzhou X” manned spacecraft, our enterprise has successfully developed aerospace expedition boots, boots over the cabin, space extravehicular boots, etiquette shoes, and other rituals aerospace products. 


The company has 6 subsidiaries in Spinning & weaving and dyeing & printing industry, the yearly production capacity of greige cloth is 0.12 billion meters, extra-width and high-count and high-density home textile greige cloth is 36 million meters and the yearly production capacity of dyed and printed cloth is 0.16 billion. The company has many patents and awards. Its military camouflage cloth dyeing technology and functional fabrics such as water-proof, inflaming retarding, infrared-proof and tearing-resistance fabrics are the first-class level in domestic. It has introduced overseas advanced production equipments, such as British Crosrol blowing-carding machinery, Swiss Rieter drawing frame,  Compact spinning frame, Deutsch Schlafhorst and Japanese Murata automatic winder, Swiss Benninger warper, Japanese Tsudakoma sizing frame, Swiss Staubli automatic denting, Japanese Tsudakoma broad width air-jet loom, Swiss Eton Automatic Intelligent hanging sewing production line. Main products covers various kinds of combed pure cotton high-count yarn, bamboo fiber, Modal, Jutecell, PTT and other functional pure yarn, mixture yarn, compact spinning, sirospun yarn. The leading products have developed into three series including high counts and high density pure cotton fabrics, bamboo fiber home textile fabrics, end-and-end fabric and Garment fabric woven by three wefts. The company’s production capacity of combed yarn reaches 100%. The domestic market share of pure bamboo home textile fabrics is NO.1 and products were exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as Europe, USA, other countries and regions.


The company is China protective equipment market leader which is the earliest and largest bulletproof helmets, body armor manufacturers and the exclusive company with a full range of military tents production capacity of enterprises, and military cooking vehicles, bulletproof banknote carrier market with leading position. The company has an annual output of 50,000 tents, 2000 modified vehicles, loaded with products 80 million sets of production capacity, it is ranking the leading position in china.
The company's own R & D, design and production of protective equipment, election materials and advanced production technology, high technology content, in the diplomatic, security, anti-terrorism, disaster relief, and other special fields have a wide range of applications; development and production of electromagnetic shielding tents to protect state secrets, maintenance national interests have played a special role; production of various types of tents and camping cars and other cooking products in the flood protection and rescue, disaster relief, the fight against the snow disaster critical moment has played an important role.


The enterprise currently has a mid-sized sophisticated modern pharmaceutical company with domestic first-class production process and pharmaceutical apparatus. It also owned a manufacturing company engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling medical apparatus. Besides, the enterprise is also involved in the entire process of the design, development, production and service of “anesthesia machines, training injury comprehensive therapy apparatus, breast mass comprehensive therapy apparatus, and medical transfer bed”. It owns the international advanced testing centers, standardized quality assurance management system, strict internal control standards and a high level of knowledge professionals.


Focusing on environmental protection, energy-saving and emission reduction, Jihua Group actively develops and produces filter materials and equipment for control of industry-discharged PM2.5. The successful implementation of a national key project of energy-saving entitled “Project of Annual 100,000t Ferrochrome Smelting and Comprehensive Use of Smoke” is another contribution of the company to environment protection.



Jihua Group is active in R&D of new energy facilities, thus implementing social responsibilities during its expansion of new business.  


Jihua Group is rich in self-owned land resources and enjoys geographical advantages.


JH1912 is now distributing high quality products to consumers around the world.


Jihua Park is a Touristic Lifestyle Destination Center and a network in Mainland China, which will offer the customers a unique experience of shopping, sports entertainment & hospitality: it will become the first case of its kind in China, setting a successful example in the world’s retail development scenario.
Jihua Park will open a window to display the excellence of international leisure and lifestyle activities, all in one. A brand new formula that will change the existing Chinese offer in terms of shopping, entertainment & hospitality, combined together to satisfy and retain increasingly demanding customers.


The enterprise provides haute couture services, and customized professional team. The enterprise’s customization team provides services many times for national leaders and army chief. According to customers’ needs, the haute couture services of tailored clothes are implemented, and taking a MTM (Made to Measure) services to ensure that product design and styles meet customers’ demand. Our enterprise is providing an elegant supreme service for customers.
About thesector of customized leather shoes, the enterprise has imported INFOOT 3D foot scanner from Japan, shoe master footwear design software and NEWLAST computer shoe last machine from Italy. It has formed an advanced infrastructure design system from foot shape measurement to the design, and also from production standard of shoe last to the shoes pattern three-dimensional of design. The haute couture of leather shoes center is a product development experimental system as an one-stop service, including footwear product design and development, cutting and stitching preparing, stitching and bottoming, modified packaging, and it is well-equipped, functional, technical and occupied a leading position in the market with equipment in the domestic shoe boots. The major product categories include Europe and America Brock series, general business shoes series, and business casual shoes.

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